Bake and set your look for a bomb beat with these selfie-approved, satiny loose powders. Formulated to absorb oil and seamlessly lock in makeup, these babes provide a perfectly matte finish with zero flashback. Hello, closeups.



  • Banana Rich/ A color-correcting, brightening, soft-focus finish with a hint of tint / Ideal for tan to deep skin tones



Follow these steps to get that #flawless-looking complexion on lockdown.

  • Blend Fluidity Full-Coverage Concealer under your eyes using the Highlight & Contour Beauty Sponge with press-and-roll motions.
  • Use the flat edge of the sponge to pick up a generous amount of powder (enough to cover your undereye and cheekbone area).
  • While it sets, you do you. Wait long enough for the concealer to completely dry down.
  • Grab the E3 Precision Pointed Powder Brush and use it to gently press in the powder, then dust off any excess.
  • Finish your look with a spritz of Continuous Setting Mist, and boom. You’re baked.



Baking your complexion tends to work best when you complete your look with other powder formulas, like highlighter and bronzer.

#Morphe Bake Set Setting Powder |Banana Rich