Meet 6 essential synthetic and natural eye brushes that have you covered in creating your next hot look.


1. Bent Liner Brush (Synthetic): The unique, ergonomic shape helps apply gel or cream liners with all the control in the world.
2. Pencil Crease Brush (Natural): Well-rounded to help create soft, smudged lines.
3. Flat Concealer Brush (Synthetic): Say buh-bye to blemishes and imperfections with this straight-edged, high-quality concealer brush.
4. Oval Shadow Brush (Natural):  The eye's the limit with this thick brush that both packs on color and diffuses edges.
5. Crease Fluff Brush (Natural): Master the art of crease color placement with this slender, tapered brush.
6. Deluxe Blender Brush (Synthetic): For those eye-catching details that take a look to the next level.
7. Luxe Case

#Morphe Eye Slay 6-Piece Brush Collection